A Brand New HomeHi, people! How are you doing? I hope you’re doing well. It’s been months I’m waiting for this time. A brand new my own home (my personal weblog, actually). Since then, you don’t need to activate pop-up blocker for this like the old one (saifulmuhajir.web.id) because I bought domain and hosting service. No pop will come up. I guarantee that!

I’ve been doing this maintain for 3 days. Mostly, I spent 3-4 hours per day to do everything while my connection is ridiculous. It’s not perfect, though. But some security holes fixed and I loved it so much. It means, I care about security of my own site. Everyone should!

A favicon works very well from my own photo as well as WP-Cumulus plugin as you can see at the sidebar. I can’t use the plugin in my past domain  and I can’t figured the problem out till now.

It’s based on WordPress 3.0 and came with new layout modified from FrostPress since some style makes me feel obvious. :P But, thanks to the Author of FP. You may not noticed well differences from the original, but believe me, it’s totally modified.

So, here I present you SAIFULMUHAJIR.ME! Enjoy, fellas! Oh, if you are from saifulmuhajir.web.id you’ll automatically redirect to this page. (tpos/sm/no)