[PostgreSQL] Amazon RDS as A Master: How to Replicate from AWS

There are lots of ways to replicate PostgreSQL database including streaming replication, logical replication, trigger-based replication and so on. And sometimes you need all of them depending on you and your business needs. I can say that replication options in Postgres is somewhat limitless.

And this time, I am writing how to replicate and use Amazon RDS as the master and use another as the slaves.

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[PostgreSQL] Bucardo Replication Update is Slow?

Bucardo is one of the replication system for PostgreSQL where it works asynchronous and using triggers to replicate the data. And one of the cool feature is you can have multi masters as well as slaves. Since the replication is working on table level to replicate the data, we can use it to replicate partial data and of course DLL is not supported. There are many more features you can look here.

Recently, I have to setup replication from Amazon RDS on one of our busiest databases to another cloud services provider for some reasons. And the only way to do this is using Bucardo.

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