Some people asked me why I choose Android over iPhone? Or why I choose Android over BlackBerry? Sometimes, I told ‘em about Android’s great features like homescreen widgets, speediness, or how developers change this mobile operating system to be a fastest and better OS.  But, it won’t stop there.

I don’t use Android because I hate Apple. I like Apple, yes. Their designs are great and the way Steve Jobs sells is good as well. I don’t use Android because I love Google –I do love Google. And I don’t choose Android over iPhone because it works better than iPhone –in some aspects it does, it doesn’t in some others.

I use Android because I don’t trust Google. I do like Google and I trust some individual googlers –I think I know those googlers from the media. I love many things the company has managed, which I don’t know were Google’s management made those decision or not. But it doesn’t mean I trust Google at all.

I use Android because it requires less trust in Google than using iPhone requires that you trust Apple. iOS has one official store –the App Store, and it’s illegal in most places to buy and install apps except through this store. If you and Apple differ about which apps you need, you have to break the law to get your iPhone to run the app that Apple rejected.

It has publicly known that Apple security updates have targeted jailbroken iOS devices to be inoperable. And I believe jailbreakers have reputation for not keeping their devices up-to-date because of this.

In contrast, Android allows us to run apps from any store we choose. Google rejected plenty of apps submitted to Android’s Market, but if we don’t like Google’s choices, we can decide our own store.

I prefer Android because it’s relative openness means more people can and do inspect its workings to ensure it is doing what Google claims it is doing. I prefer Android because when Google decides to leave out a feature that users might want –such as tethering– the people making alternative OSes for the platform stick that feature in, and shame Google into adding it in subsequent versions.

Those are why.