It turns out that I’ve given authorization to apps and websites which I don’t remember why and when I gave to them. I don’t even remember what these do.

Now, I remember that I don’t need these apps and websites anymore. So, the action is to revoke the access.

If you ever wonder why I should revoke the access, here’s why: these apps and sites (that I’ve given my authorization) are using oAuth service so that you (and I) get an easy way to handle authorization process. Everyone loves easy and simple in authorization case, even in life. With oAuth, authorization will done in just two clicks. Whether with Google account, or Facebook account, or Yahoo! account, etc, etc.

But, if you’re willing to stop we and think, the fact is you know nothing about the people behind these apps and sites. It could be Anonymous troll or spammers who tried to collect our personal data.

And by give them authorization, we’re giving them access to our online accounts. Email, private documents, notes, photos, etc, etc. You will remember that we have signed up for hundreds of services and received confirmations from the services to our emails. Reset password confirmations, private conversations, chat logs, business emails, and more.

We can manage these authorizations within Google or Facebook settings. We just can’t remember where that settings located. And here comes the help.

Revoke the access to the services you don’t need. Leave the access to the services you (think you) know and you (think you) need.

As a bonus, here’s a beautiful animation how your personal data collected and sold (without consent) by Michael Rigley.

[vimeo width=“400” height=“225”][/vimeo]