Health is expensive.Everyone wants stay healthy, even animals and trees I think. When we got sick, we went to the hospitals or our doctors. And we never forgot to pray to our GOD asked our health back as soon as possible. lol Some worked out and didn’t a part. GOD knew how to treat people, I guess.

While other people went to hospitals or doctors because they got sick, I didn’t. Never. I didn’t went to any doctor or hospital when I was sick for, about 2 or maybe 3 years. So, what did I do to get my health back? I stayed at the house and treat myself as well as I could. Eat what I need to eat and keeping myself in warm. I hate cold when I was sick, a lot. Some friends asked me to went to the hospital, but I refused their request, frankly.

I hate hospitals, a lot. It is not because of the injection or something. I hate hospitals and doctors because I hate to know that something was wrong with me. I know, some of you disagree with me. But, this is my choice. :)

Well, barely I got sick and thanks to Alloh who took care of me very well and kept me in health. Oh, today I found this cartoon from Glasbergen and I think this is how I am:

This is how I stay healthy. Anyway, I am not going act like this forever. I have a plan for this ‘weird’ act. So, don’t you worry. I know myself and I know what’s best for me. (tpos/sm/li)