I can’t remove this one. I watched ‘Hawthorne’ series last night and this joke just popped-out in my mind. Somehow, this is sarcasm but this is a joke. Enjoy!

Obama's Black House

Bejo (Indonesian, 27 years old) is in Washington. He’s in vacation with his girlfriend, Sarah. Now, Bejo is going to call his friend named Slamet in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Bejo: Dude, I went to The White House. That building is awesome! You should come here. Slamet: What? White House?! In Washington, America?! You’re kidding. Bejo: I did, man! I went there with Sarah. It’s cool. Slamet: Dude, there’s no White House in America. It’s 2010, you know. Bejo: What do you mean there’s no White House? You said I am hallucinating?! I am serious man. I’ve been there. You’re jealous! I knew it! Slamet: Man, believe me! There’s no White House in America. This is 2010 and the president of US is Obama (anak Menteng), Barack Obama. And you know what? He is black. There is no White House, it’s Black House. Bejo: ?

Image credit: alldeaf.com (tpos/sm/rn)