[How-to] Multiple Accounts on Hangouts For Chrome

Hangouts is a good messaging app. It has so many features and it is integrated with Google services. Hangouts app for mobile (Android and iOS) is good too. But, when it comes to Hangouts for Chrome, well, not so much.

One of Hangouts’ biggest problem: you cannot use multiple accounts on one computer. The feature isn’t there, so you can’t have it. That’s the problem. Our problem. My problem too.

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Chrome is Connecting Web Apps through Web Intents

Chromium team is working on Web Intents, a framework that will let Web apps express a simple call for an action, like ‘share’ or ‘edit,’ which receiving apps will be designed to use, without either app needing to have specific knowledge of the APIs of the other. This framework designed based on Intents on Android which is a facility for late run-time binding between components in the same or different applications.
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Bagaimanakah Cara Web Browser Bekerja?

Selama ini, kita dengan mudah menggunakan berbagai macam browser. Ketikkan google.com dan tekan tombol enter, lalu muncullah halaman Google. Sebenarnya, bagaimana cara kerja web browser memanggil halaman web? Untuk menjelaskan mengenai cara kerja web browser memanggil halaman web, silakan lihat komik singkat berikut: [caption id=“attachment_695” align=“aligncenter” width=“560” caption=“Click to enlarge”][/caption] Nah, sudah dimengerti kan? Jadi sebenarnya pekerjaan web browser itu rada ribet karena harus melewati ini dan itu. Tapi, kita sebagai user enak saja mendapatkan halamannya.
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