Once, I was asking myself about those small-red-and-green icons next to sender, or recipient’s name in GMail. What are those? Why there are red icons and why there are the green ones?

Annoyed by that question, this morning, I tried to copy the icon and paste it on Google. Nothing came up.

So, how to figure this out? I zoom in to the biggest size Chrome can handle. And here is what I found. red -green icons next to sender/recipient's name in GMail

I don’t know how but I forgot to Google that question. :p

[UPDATE] What this means? It is Sender Time Zone.

Green icons next to people who are probably awake and reachable, between 9.00 am and 6.00 pm. The red ones, next to those who could be sleeping or out of the office.

It’s a feature and you can activate it from the Labs.