Hangouts is a good messaging app. It has so many features and it is integrated with Google services. Hangouts app for mobile (Android and iOS) is good too. But, when it comes to Hangouts for Chrome, well, not so much.

One of Hangouts’ biggest problem: you cannot use multiple accounts on one computer. The feature isn’t there, so you can’t have it. That’s the problem. Our problem. My problem too.

Fortunately, I found out a solution. And you can be happy about it. As well as I am.

Google Chrome has account (or accounts) and it is (or, they are) associated with Hangouts. Once you logged in to the Google services for Chrome, you logged in to Hangouts extension as well. Painless. So, to have multiple Hangouts accounts** all you need is multiple accounts **for Chrome.

How to use multiple accounts on Chrome?

  • Go to Settings
  • Scroll down on that page and you will see Users part located under the Search part

users I have two already

  • Now, click Add new users button and choose nickname and icon. The rest is up to you:

powerman You will be redirected to new page

  • Time to sign in to Google services
  • Install Hangouts extension for the new account
  • Done

proof proof Both accounts are online on the same computer

To open both (or whatever number you have) you don’t need to open many Chrome pages. Once your Hangouts account signed in, you can close the other pages because Hangouts will stays open and available. Just leave one page (account) opened.

Good luck!