Last time I checked my date activities, it’s countless. No, really. I’ve dated many till I can’t remember how much was that. But, yeah.. not the real one. Before you say it, it has nothing to do with my ‘nerdy’ geek.

Some people said that geeks (especially the nerd one) aren’t people you want to date with. Reasons? They love their computers. You cannot draw him away from his computer for, let’s say, 5 minutes. And so on, and so forth. Let me tell you, those are not true. Nah. Neih!

In fact, there are 100 reasons why you should date me, a geek. Some of ‘em:

  • We are loyal.
  • We are creative. Look at those apps you use everyday.
  • Have problems? We are the problem solver. We don’t make problems. We solve it.
  • We know you love movies. And we know what best movies are.

Need more? Of course you do. And you should date female geeks too.

Date A Geek

Can I buy you a drink?

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