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Yes. Linux Sucks

People are saying that Linux is awesome. It is the best in the world. In fact, the universe. And nothing can beat it. Right? Well, the truth is Linux sucks. Pretty much.

But, is it suck? Really? The thing that runs almost everything on the internet sucks? The thing that used by NASA, CERN, CIA, and so on sucks? Well, no. Of course not.

Hey, have you tried Linux, anyway? Ubuntu? LinuxMint? Debian? Fedora? OpenSUSE? RedHat? Android? No?

2 thoughts on “Yes. Linux Sucks

  1. aku dulu pakai ubuntu (dual-boot sama winxp sih) lalu switch completely ke windows karena kerjaan pakai software yg cuma bisa di windows. aku suka ubuntu, meskipun waktu masih pakai tampilannya masih “ubuntu banget” (terakhir aku pake versi intrepid ibex hehehe). it was cool, and still is. it does not suck, and never will. kebetulan ada netbook nganggur dan rencananya mau kupasangin linuxmint :D

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