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[How to] Recover Deleted Files With Scalpel in Ubuntu

I am in a habit of using [Shift] + [Del] combination to delete files rather than delete only. I won’t store not-so-important files in my Recycle Bin, that’s why. This is a good habit in one hand and bad in the other hand because there’s a chance I accidentally delete an important file/folder.

Recover your deleted files in Ubuntu

Luckily, Linux (Ubuntu in this case) has few good tools to recover deleted data and in easy ways. In this post I will show you how to recover deleted file via Ubuntu with Scalpel.

Scalpel is a file system independent recovery tool which available for Linux and Mac OS. But, you can run it on Windows with mingw.

  1. Install the Scalpelwith:
    # sudo apt-get install scalpel.
  2. Open configuration file located in /etc, it looks like /etc/scalpel/scalpel.conf, with an editor.
    # vi /etc/scalpel/scalpel.conf
  3. Uncomment file type line part you wish to recover and save the file
  4. Run Scalpel from the Terminal
    scalpel /Device_Name/Drive_Name/Folder_Name -o Output_Directory
  5. Output_Directory will be created in the directory we’re running Scalpel. The Output_Directory should not be exist before you run Scalpel because otherwise Scalpel will refuse to start.
  6. Go to Output_Directory and view what’s inside.
  7. There should be a file named audit.txtwhich contains a summary of what Scalpel has done. Open it to look what has done.
    cat audit.txt
  8. There should be adirectory which has recovered files. For example the folder named pdf-0-0 for PDF files. Open the folder and you have your file.

For more information about scalpel commands, type: man scalpel

Good luck and here’s the download link.

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Never Search For Free WordPress Themes in Google or Anywhere Else

Freebies are good, because you can get it for free. So are WordPress theme. But, not all of freebies as good as you think they are. Siobhan Ambrose made a great post about why we should never search for free WordPress theme in Google or anywhere else.

And she made a good post about when is a free WordPress theme really free and where to find them.



Image credit: zdnet.com

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[SOLVED] I Can’t Open .CHM Files in Windows 7!

I was opening my Programming C#, 3rd Edition ebook from O’Reilly in .CHM file extension with my Windows 7 and found that the file was just like blank pages. No text neither images. Like this one:

.CHM file error

This isn’t something I expected. I tried to click another chapter and nothing changes. Searching for the solution, someone said that I need to ‘unblock’ the file from the properties of the file. But, when I look at the properties there’s no such thing like ‘Unblock’ button.

There's no 'Unblock' button.

Confused about 20 minutes, I found –finally– the solution from Microsoft Support said that the problem is the filename.  The filename of my .CHM file is “Programming C#, 3rd Edition.chm” which has the ‘#’ character. I changed the filename to “Programming C-sharp, 3rd Edition.chm” and finally, I can read the book.


Oh, and you can’t use the ‘#’ as the folder name for .CHM files. :)