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Chrome is Connecting Web Apps through Web Intents

Chromium team is working on Web Intents, a framework that will let Web apps express a simple call for an action, like ‘share’ or ‘edit,’ which receiving apps will be designed to use, without either app needing to have specific knowledge of the APIs of the other. This framework designed based on Intents on Android which is a facility for late run-time binding between components in the same or different applications.

This Web Intents will change the way developers codes because they can just use these simple requests, which will be built into the browser, instead of having to code for each specific Web app one might want to access.

It’s not over yet, because Chromium team said they’re working closely with Mozilla engineers to unify their proposals into one simple, useful API.

Sounds legit!

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[Infographic] Programming Languages Evolution

What is your favorite programming languages? Java? Javascript? PHP? Shell script? PERL?

Did you know the first programming language was FORTRAN, stands for IBM Mathematical Formula Translating System, developed by John W. Backus?

And how the programming languages evolve? Take a look! Btw, yes, Ruby on Rails is a framework, not a programming language.

Source: Rackspace