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What You Should Know About Programming

Coding is fun. It is like playing games and of course (like other games) there are goals. Since coding is easy, I think everyone can code. Me, you, your children, and the others. But, before you decided to learn to code you might want to know ‘what is programming? what is it look like? what I should know about it?’

Yes, there are many things about programming you should know (you’ll know more later on). But, as a start these seven things may help you with that questions.

Oh, in case you need programming resources, here they are.

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Never Search For Free WordPress Themes in Google or Anywhere Else

Freebies are good, because you can get it for free. So are WordPress theme. But, not all of freebies as good as you think they are. Siobhan Ambrose made a great post about why we should never search for free WordPress theme in Google or anywhere else.

And she made a good post about when is a free WordPress theme really free and where to find them.


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Top 15 Tech Companies To Work For [Fortune]

Each year, Fortune magazine comes out with its list of “The 100 Best Companies to Work For” which is always a popular feature for its readers. IT companies are well-represented on the list. The list has become a major resource for job seekers and new college graduates. In fact, IT companies in general usually have reputations as being desirable places to work and develop careers.

In this post, you will find top 15 IT-related companies on the list. They include four in the top 10: No. 1, SAS; No. 4, Google; No. 5, NetApp; and No. 10, DreamWorks Animation.

Jobs offered

Employees described the companies here as offering such attractive features as generous paychecks, worthwhile perks (such as free child-care services, workout spaces and good cafeterias) and pleasant work environments. They also have another feature that is essential to job seekers: These companies are growing, and they have open positions to fill. So if you’re among the many these days looking for a new job in the IT industry, these are the top prospects to check out now.

  1. No. 1: SAS
    Develops business analytics software and services and is the largest independent vendor in the business-intelligence market. Headquarters: Cary, N.C.; 2009 revenue: $2.31 billion. Employees: 5,629. Website:
  2. No. 4: Google
    Search and Web services IT provider. Headquarters: Mountain View, Calif.; 2009 revenue: $23.6 billion; Employees: N/A; Website:
  3. No. 5: NetApp
    Network storage maker for enterprise IT systems. Headquarters: Sunnyvale, Calif.; 2009 revenue: $3.9 billion; Employees: 5,455; Website:
  4. No. 10: DreamWorks Animation
    Digital animation studio. Headquarters: Glendale, Calif.; 2009 revenue: $725 million; Employees: 1,994. Website:
  5. No. 20: Cisco Systems
    Enterprise IT networking and data-center-infrastructure developer. Headquarters: San Jose, Calif.; 2009 revenue: $36.1 billion; Employees: 36,612; Website:
  6. No. 33: Qualcomm
    Wireless device and software maker. Headquarters: San Diego, Calif.; 2009 revenue: $11 billion; Employees: 12,520; Website:
  7. No. 44: Intuit
    Business-productivity software maker. Headquarters: Mountain View, Calif.; 2009 revenue: $3.4 billion; Employees: 6,575; Website:
  8. No. 51: Intel
    World’s largest microprocessor maker. Headquarters: Santa Clara, Calif.; 2009 revenue: $35.1 billion; Employees: 42,694; Website:
  9. No. 52:
    Cloud-based sales software provider. Headquarters: San Francisco; 2009 revenue: $1.3 billion; Employees: 2,725. Website:
  10. No. 65: Adobe Systems
    Cloud-based sales software provider. Headquarters: San Francisco; 2009 revenue: $1.3 billion; Employees: 2,725. Website:
  11. No. 72: Microsoft
    Consumer and enterprise software maker. Headquarters: Redmond, Wash.; 2009 revenue $60.4 billion; Employees: 53,410; Website:
  12. No. 79: National Instruments
    Makes software for engineers and scientists to design, prototype and deploy systems for measurement, automation and embedded applications. Headquarters: Austin, Texas; 2009 revenue: $677 million; Employees: 2545; Website:
  13. No. 89: Brocade Communications
    Enterprise IT networking hardware and software provider. Headquarters: San Jose, Calif.; 2009 revenue: $2 billion; Employees: 3,112; Website:
  14. No. 92: Rackspace Hosting
    Enteprise IT hosting and cloud-services provider. Headquarters: San Antonio, Texas; 2009 revenue: $629 million; Employees: 2,405; Website:
  15. No. 99: Accenture
    Enterprise IT consultancy and solutions integrator. Headquarters: New York City; 2009 revenue: $21.6 billion; Employees: 31,000; Website:


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The Power of WordPress [Gambar]

Saya suka blogging dan memiliki domain serta hosting sendiri. Mesin blog saya ini tentu saja WordPress karena saya suka WordPress. Tidak hanya WordPress, saya juga suka Matt Mullenweg dengan filosofinya untuk terus berbagi dengan sesama.

Bagi yang pernah merasakan kehebatan WordPress saya yakin tak seorangpun meragukannya, baik maupun WordPress telah dipakai oleh berbagai situs untuk berbagai macam kebutuhan. Dari hingga dan blog milik New York Times. Detail kehebatan WordPress digambarkan oleh Testking sebagai berikut:

Infographic: The Power of WordPress